1. Mold (Reinforced PP Case, Heat Sealed)
; Maximized mechanical strength by using heat-resisting, acid-resisting PP resin.

2. Cover (Double Type PP Cover)
; Prevent outflow of acid by twofold design with labyrinth of exchanging of water structure. (Maintenance free)

3. Explosion Proof Filter (Flame Arrestor)
; Prevent explosion by Outside Spark, installing flame arrestor in the inside cover

4. Indicator
; Indicate battery's charging conditions automatically.

5. Handle (Fold Type Handle)
; Maximized the conveniences for shipping and handling by using? bio-technological fold type handle. Also, it improves the external appearances. (Licensed by Global Co.)

6. Bushing (Cold-Forged Terminal Bushing)
; Improved the strength by using cold forged terminal bushing and use of minimized?surface of round shaped screws helps prevent the trickling the acid and depolarization of terminal.?

7. Acid (Electrolyte)
; Securing the acid at its maximum of the upper part of plates ( 10mm higher than that of other makers) helps to use the battery up to normal life, even in condition of the evaporation of acid by high temperature during its usage.

8. Internal Pole Strap: Maximize structure design for high rate discharge.

9. Automatic controlled cast on strap
; Formation by automatic controlled cast on strap helps maintained high quality product.

10. Rolled Expanded Grid
; Maximize the life cycle by using rolled expanded high tin grid and minimize the decrease of acid and self discharge rate caused by grid's corrosion.

11. Plates (Hard Paste Plates)
; Maximized Life Cycle Capacity and starting ability by using high density active material and special additives.

12. Diamond Mesh
; Exquisite Diamond shape of Grid structure improves conductibility of an electric current and maximized the converge of electronic current.

13. Special Tissue for Positive Plates
; Maximized the life cycle by using special tissue and this special tissue prevent falling off the active material while charging and discharging. (Licensed by Global Co.)

14. Hot-melting
; Applying hot-melt to the top of plates improves battery's life cycle cause by internal vibration while using the battery.